I’ve always wanted to visit Hokkaido in summer so I can’t believe I finally did! I spent a good four days flowering about, exploring the ridiculous number of flower fields blooming in Hokkaido. This place is really quite magical and perfect for a flower lover! There are just so many flower farms to visit that I thought I’d put a list together of all the ones I passed by. Hope this helps you with your Hokkaido summer travel planning!

Very important info: I visited Hokkaido 19-23 July in 2019 (so you can loosely use this to figure out when flowers will be blooming for you)

Note: Entry to most flower farms are either free, or for a very low cost and/or donation.

Hope you enjoy this post! I will also be putting together a post on my Hokkaido Summer Road Trip itinerary as well soon!

1. Farm Tomita

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Farm Tomita was by far the busiest flower farm I visited! It’s also the most commercial in that it’s really large and has everything – lavender fields, what they are famous for, colourful flowers, heaps of food, shops and parking spaces. I think this is the one place everyone visits and for good reason! It’s big and really the perfect commercialised kind of tourist attraction.

In some ways this is good, because it’s convenient, there’s lots of parking, it’s near train stations if you aren’t driving, but in other ways it’s not so much – because it’s crowded!

If you want to visit Farm Tomita, I suggest definitely trying to go when it’s less busy, so for example a weekday. I went on a weekend because I had no choice and wow it was packed!

2. Shikisai no Oka

I think this was my favourite flower farm! I went on a weekday and it was quite quiet when I arrived. For some reason, the crowds only came later. I also feel like this field is the most picturesque, there are beautiful hills here and there are plenty of different flowers to be seen including colourful flowers and a small (but still substantial) sunflower field. There are also shops and food here as well, and there is quite a bit of parking as well.

3. Flowerland Kamifurano

This is a much smaller flower farm near Farm Tomita, however it is also one of my favourites because hardly anyone seem to visit here! This means it’s easier to take pictures without the crowds, and the atmosphere is a lot less Disneyland and a lot more surrounded by tranquility and nature. Beautiful little place, and they sell melon slices in the shop as well which were delicious (Hokkaido is famous for their melon in summer!).

4. Lavender East Tomita

Lavender East is a lavender only flower farm owned by Farm Tomita. It’s only a few kilometres away and here, you can have a much more quieter place to see lavender flowers with beautiful hills behind. They also sell lavender soft-serve ice-cream here as well which is definitely worth trying. However I do think if you don’t have time, then visiting Farm Tomita’s lavender fields is enough. However if you like a more quiet place, then head to Lavender East.

5. Hinode Park Lavender Field

This was my first stopover in Hokkaido and I really loved it here! This beautiful place is somewhat busy however it’s a lovely park filled with lavender which you can walk amongst. Super beautiful, there is also a wedding bell here which means this place draws in a lot of bridal photoshoots and all.

6. Kanno Farm

I stopped by Kanno farm as one of my last stops. I don’t know if this particular flower field is on the top of the list of places to see – it’s probably the smallest field here. Kanno Farm has lots of colourful flowers and a small lavender field however I think compared to the next similar one, Flowerland Kamifurano, I’d recommend that one better because the flowers were more beautiful there!

However Kanno Farm is on the roadside and super convenient to stop at, there’s also a small food stall here selling various snacks, so there’s no harm in passing by!

7. Hokuryu Himawari No Sato Sunflower Fields

Best place for sunflowers! Hokuryu Sunflower Fields is actually west of Asahikawa, meaning it’s not anywhere near Biei or Furano (where most of these flower farms are). So if you have plenty of time or you are travelling on route from Sapporo, then definitely check out Hokuryu for the sunflowers. There are more than 1.5 million sunflowers here and it’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. You can pay a few dollars to walk amongst the sunflowers and take photos within the fields. I just loved it here!

However if you are pressed for time, then I suggest seeing sunflowers at Shikisai No Oka. Their sunflower field whilst much smaller, is just as beautiful and a lot more convenient.

8. Saika No Sato

This beautiful lavender farm is just down the road from Farm Tomita. I think it was one of my favourite places to view lavender. The lavender fields here are quite large in size however it doesn’t draw in the same amount of crowds as Farm Tomita, making it a lot more peaceful. If you want to see lavender, I definitely recommend this beautiful place – they also do lavender soft-serve ice-cream as well.


Best place to see colourful flowers: Shikisai No Oka
Best place to see lavender: Saika No Sato
One place to go if you want to avoid crowds: Flowerland Kamifurano

If you only have time to visit one: Farm Tomita

If you only have time to visit two: Farm Tomita + Shikisai No Oka

If you only have time to visit three: Farm Tomita, Shikisai No Oka + Saika No Sato