Excited to share with you more about our trip to Guangzhou with China Southern Airlines. A couple of weeks ago, China Southern Airlines flew myself and Jess of Jyslakay.com to Guangzhou to explore all the wonderful sights in this bustling city in Guangdong Province, China.

During our trip, we were able to experience China Southern Airlines’ business class journey from Guangzhou to Melbourne. At Guangzhou Baiyun Airport T2, we relaxed in the China Southern Sky Pearl VIP Lounge. The Sky Pearl VIP Lounge is huge, with many seating options and a large dining area.

We had a morning flight and hence visited the lounge in the morning and were able to try the large breakfast buffet offering. Here, both western and eastern breakfast dishes are served including bacon, eggs, potatoes, dumplings, fried rice, fresh fruits, desserts and more. There’s also a noodle station there where you can order your own hot bowl of wontons or noodles and have it made fresh in front of you.

The lounge also has a number of massage chairs, lockers for storage, computers and business facilities, as well as showers.

The business class flight from Guangzhou, China back home to Melbourne, Australia was super comfortable. Flat beds, personal entertainment system with noise cancelling earphones, endless food and drinks which made a 9 hour flight go by way too quickly!

Meals served in-flight were well presented and delicious. I had specific dietary requirements and so had pre-arranged meal however Jess ordered off the menu which had so many choices! All meals were multi-course and there was even a wonderful selection of afternoon tea with sweet and savoury options.

You get a lot of space in business class here, so it was great to spread out, have my own powerpoint on hand for laptop work, and squeeze in a few hours of editing and writing. If only the flight was a little longer, I would have loved to have also fit in a few movies as well.

The bathroom in business class was stocked with delightful Appelles Apothecary amenity products which was a lovely touch – I love seeing Appelles around the world.

Flying business with China Southern Airlines was definitely worth it for the luxurious comforts and with direct flights from major Australian cities to Guangzhou, it’s so easy to access all the beautiful places to visit in Southern China.

If you’re flying China Southern Airlines to Guangzhou, then I recommend spending at least 2 full days exploring the city here and fitting in all the delicious (and cheap!) Cantonese food on offer here. Keep an eye out for a Guangzhou blog post – I’ll share all our favourite Guangzhou places to visit and things to eat in a separate post soon!

Guangzhou also makes for a really great place for transiting and accessing the greater Southern China region. Some nearby cities you can visit include Macao (where we also went!), Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Travel just a few more hours further and you can reach one of my favourite places in China – Yangshuo near Guilin in neighbouring Guangxi Province.

There are so many places to explore here in China and I can’t wait to one day return to the country to see more of it soon! Thanks China Southern Airlines for flying Jess and I to explore the beautiful Guangzhou city!