Connie Cao is a Melbourne based blogger, photographer & creative.

Inspired by the world around us, Connie has a passion for creating beautiful photographic content and uniquely personal stories revolving around the topics of travel, lifestyle, home decor and sustainability. Connie and Luna is the place to browse all this content.

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Interview – Un Peu De Tout

Elizabeth Loke interviewed me a few days ago and here is the interview that resulted! Be sure to check out her blog for interviews with others too :) PS yesterday…


Woke Up At 6am for These Lovelies

Went to the market this morning to buy these vintage things! The bag is so cool it has compartments for your phone, cards and two pens. And I definitely needed…


Kodak Black and White

I am in love with the double exposures, the worn out look, the unpredictable light leaks and the impulsive-photo-on-the-way-to-the-photo-lab-that-turns-out-awesome.


K Is for Kani

I love fashion, photography and design. And this is exactly where I will drown you in my verbal and visual diarrhea of anything creative. Welcome!

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One monster Lake Kawaguchiko full day itinerary
  It’s always the unexpected things that surprise you most, isn’t it? Lake Kawaguchi (Kawaguchiko) was a side-stop we decided on late in our trip planning, after finding out about the...
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