Wearing: ASOS yellow raincoat, River Island blazer, Zara collared shirt, Etsy necklace, Gorman skirt & ASOS bag {Outfit photos by Jana}

In an attempt to pack an empty suitcase for the UK, I decided to scrimp on bringing shoes since they are so heavy. So I ended up bringing my pocket boots as well as my Steve Madden Grettta heels – as we were asked to bring a few pairs of shoes for the competition. So here I was going to the UK with just two pairs of shoes – one completely not appropriate to walk around in 15 hours a day. The other, well, unfortunately just the same as well. So here came my shoe drama. My feet were hurting in my pocket boots so I went to Oxford St and acquired for myself, a pair of lower heeled boots. Too bad the leather was so stiff on these new shoes that after a day, I was back at Oxford St again to replace the shoes I had bought to replace my original shoes. This time, I went for the most comfiest and somewhat not exciting shoes I had ever bought. These were like black volleys, but with a high top. Completely flat, very wide with the inside lined with thick fleece. I might as well have been wearing some actual runners hey! Nevertheless, why am I telling you this? Well my feet were really hurting on the day I took these photos so I wore the said shoes and yeah they just didn’t look exciting so that’s why all the photos cut off at my knee :) So I wore this outfit to watch an editorial shoot for next issue of ASOS magazine. I actually bought this blazer and shirt whilst I was at Oxford St buying shoes (yes I got distracted by all the other shops) and decided to pair it with this skirt for a print and colour clashing sort of combo. I was really drawn to this watercolour style print blazer and really hadn’t seen anything like it and when I see something I’ve never really seen before, I have to get it and can’t wait to style it again in a more cohesive way, working from a wardrobe a little more bigger than my travelling wardrobe :)