Ahh. Ellery, Ellery, Ellery. How can you say no to the beautiful peplums, space like silvers, organza and my two favourite colours: forest green and wine. The collection, ‘Delicatessen’ was named after Kym Ellery’s childhood teddy bear, which is why all the models donned little bear ear headbands. I also couldn’t help but notice some of my favourite models Louise & Rachel were walking too. And to be able to view this all from the front-row with the ASOS Australia team who did a special Nail Rock collaboration with Ellery, was one of the best experiences of MBFWA. Rumi and Bryan Boy were sitting opposite to me in the front row and happened to be in the background of all of my photos.. I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit as I felt like a little stalker every time I pointed my camera at their way. These are a few of my favourite looks from the show – I am really loving the voluminous silhouettes, the metallics and most of all, those bear ears.

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