new statement flower crown headpieces now available at

Here’s to a nice Summery update for my Etsy store! These are a sneak peek of my favourite pieces from this week. I’m extremely excited to finally be able to do a huge Etsy update over the last couple of weeks. After a month of not having enough time to sit quietly in my studio to create new pieces, I finally had the time to do so. I have had so many ideas brewing inside my mind and have been itching to turn them into reality – the blooming flowers and chirping of birds in my front garden were inspiring all sorts of designs.

I just love to recreate nature and the environment into my pieces. The sweet serenity of watching little ladybirds crawl amongst the petals, birds flying about freely and butterflies fluttering around are all things you will find in my headpieces! I like to call them ‘scenery headbands’;  headbands that recreate a refreshing garden scene. telling a little story. Tranquil and carefree. Making us feel closer to the beautiful environment that surrounds us. These newest creations are all limited edition, and for some of them, you and I will be the only people in the world who own them!

And to celebrate sending 1000+ handmade pieces off to lovely new homes all across the world, I want to thank my beautiful customers for supporting my Etsy! In the spirit of the upcoming month of giving, here’s a token of my appreciation to you all. Receive a special lucky dip gift, containing a pair of nature-inspired bobby pins from an assorted collection, when you spend over $100 in store (until 7pm Sunday 25 November). A few of the pretties are pictured above with many other just-as-adorable designs as well, all wrapped up and ready to go. So perfect for adding a unique floral touch to braids or updos!

Wishing everyone a beautiful, floral summer!