Wearing: handmade flower hair wreath, Bardot blazer, Sister Jane dress, vintage leather bag and Topshop sandal heels 

I can’t believe that February has pretty much flown by me. After returning home from Europe for what feels like a week, I all of a sudden have to get started on getting ready for uni – buying and selling textbooks, obtaining parking permits, trying to make my classes fit into two days, etc. Going through and editing all my Europe photos is taking quite the while and whilst taking a break, I came across this set of photos that never made it online. They were taken early Summer and is still a look that I just love. Drop waists are something that I have been liking for a while and are a little bit of a twist to the usual cinched at the waist one pieces you normally find. I would imagine that it would be quite hard to find a drop waist dress that drops at the right length for someone petite like me. When I bought this dress, I thought it would fit me fine as it looked much too short on the model. It turned out that the model was just very, very tall and it was still long for me so I had to alter it so it would fit me right & I’m so glad I did! Now it no longer sits at the back of my wardrobe wishfully waiting for me to grow taller (that will never happen) and instead is getting its time in the outfit cycle. It’s a great fun little number for days I just want to keep it casual like when wandering down the paths of Abbotsford :-)