Wearing: United Colors of Benneton coat, Zara zebra print shirt and jeans & Topshop buckle boots

Editing these photos makes me miss this trip away so much! When we were in Rome, we took a day trip to Vatican City to see the famous Musei Vaticani, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican City has a dress code where skirts have to go past your knees. I was unsure if skirts that don’t go past your knees + tights would make the cut so I decided to go with some pants, just to be safe. Luckily I had some jeans in my suitcase to go with the outfit. My favourite part of Vatican City was climbing the St Peter’s Basilica come. After doing a few of these climbs in multiple cities, we were well rehearsed on just how many steps it takes and how claustrophobic it is to get to the top. So when offered the chance of a lift ticket this time, we went for it. The lift however, only takes you half-way and the rest is only accessible by stairs. As we climbed higher and higher up the dome, the stair widths became shorter, the ceiling became lower and the banister disappeared and was replaced by a hanging rope. And the best part of it all was that there’s no turning back considering you’d have to make everyone walk all the way down the stairs so you could get past them. The only way was up and we eventually made it to the top – the view amazing! As we went during off-peak season, there weren’t as many people up on the dome balcony as we expected so I decided to take some outfit photos with the view. Italy was the country where we saw the sun shine in Europe for the first time, however Rome was the city when the sun actually made it warm so I was elated that I could finally be in some lighter layers and took out my new coat I bought from Venice for a spin!