Wearing: ASOS mono pattern coat, Shakuhachi ‘New Romantics’ dress, Louis Vuitton LV Alma BB bag and RMK ‘Idelia’ heels 

{Photos: Tom}

To me, it seems as if coats always come in the same old block colours: red coats, bottle green coats, black coats, camel coats, navy coats. I’ve always been on the hunt for interesting coats in more exciting colours, prints and textures. For example, right now I am looking for a bright yellow coat, a baby blue coat, geometric printed coats and a duo/tri-tone fur textured coat. It seems so hard to find these sorts of coats without breaking the bank. So needless to say that when I saw this coat on ASOS I happily (and impulsively) snapped it up. Finally, a coat in a print. Now to look for that yellow coat and tri-toned fur coat as well..