Wearing: Three Floor ‘Shades of Blue’ dress, Ghost & Lola necklace, Cameo zip clutch and Mode Collective studded bootie

{Photos: Tom}

All uni students will know that it is nearing that time of the semester where all hell lets loose – textbooks lie open here, there and everywhere, magazines are replaced with past exam papers and you spend more time in the campus library per day than in your bed. Ew. I try not to bore you guys with anything uni related as it’s just not that entertaining however for the past few days all I have been doing is preparing for the storm ahead, before it hits. You know how sometimes your faculty just likes to give you all your exams within a week and by the time you finish your papers, everyone has only just started? Yep, that’s me this semester! In a way it’s a good thing because I’d have a longer Winter break but it also means that I have to fast track the course ASAP and get studying earlier. Not a very exciting occupation, being a student. So in the fleeting moments before I decided it was time to finally start understanding patent specifications, I spent a couple of afternoons out soaking in the beautiful shining afternoon that was Saturday last week. Do you remember just however warm it was? Tom & I went down by the Yarra and happened to come by this pretty weatherboarded restaurant by the water. It was the perfect backdrop for a few photos in this electric blue get-up – one of my favourite colours for this season.