Our spare bedroom has finally been put to good use! With the help of the lovely team at IKEA Australia, we’ve transformed this beautiful light-filled room into our new guest bedroom. #wildlandhouse is now accepting guests!

– In partnership with IKEA Australia –

I love looking through the IKEA catalogue every time it comes out as it’s always got plenty of inspiring ideas for the bedroom and especially creative storage solutions and ways to maximise the space you have. So when we finally got around to creating our guest bedroom, I just knew partnering with IKEA would be the perfect fit to bring all our ideas to life.

IKEA is known as the complete sleep experts, and have plenty of inspiring and informed solutions to share for the bedroom and I’m excited to show you how I’ve implemented their creative solutions in our guest bedroom below!

But first, let’s start with a before and after.

I’m so happy with how just a few key pieces can transform a room into a beautiful little sanctuary that can not only be used as a guest bedroom, but also versatile enough for us to enjoy from day-to-day as a day bed with lots of space on the side for us to put things like our laundry when we want to dry it indoors.

Here’s a little run down of why we’ve used the pieces we’ve used:


The most important decision we had to make for this room was our bed configuration. This room is quite small, about 12sqm and whilst we really would have loved a queen bed or double bed in here, I wasn’t sure if it was the best use of space and would look a little cramped! However, I managed to find the perfect solution through the UTÅKER stackable bed. This bed is two single beds (and two mattresses) stacked together which is how we’ll be keeping our bed from day-to-day so that we can also use it as a day bed if we like, with space on the side. If we have more than one guest staying over, then it can also be unstacked and used as two single beds, or you can also button the two bed frames together to create a large bed!


When it came to mood-boarding the look of this space, I wanted to keep this space bright and inviting using light coloured bed linen, cushions and pillows to reflect the sunlight that streams through the window during the day.

Here I’ve used some cute decorative cushions (Sanela, Skold, Aina, Veketåg) – I chose these for their differing textures and neutral colours, so that they’ll be agreeable to anyone’s style when they come to visit and add interest at the same time.

With the bed linen itself, we have the Nattjasmin sheets and Ängslilja quilt cover and pillow cases. Just simple white pieces that give that all-white hotel look. The quilt cover used is the Hönsbär which is a really versatile quilt recommended by the IKEA team as it’s a warm quilt and cold quilt buttoned together which you can unbutton depending on the season and level of warmth you want. Bonus: if you need two quilts for two guests, you can unbutton these and turn them into two separate quilts as well!

I love having multiple throws on the bed to add in layers of warmth and feelings of cosiness so of course I’ve finished the look off with two of my faves – a chunky knitted Ingabritta pink throw and a beautiful cotton linen Jofrid throw.


I love having rugs around the house and feel like they can drastically transform the look of a space. For our guest bedroom, I went with the Överallt rug which is made of natural jute fibres. The texture gives the room a real natural look and is so perfect for the space.


I like the idea of a simple side table for a guest bedroom so the Mastholmen rattan side table was the perfect choice for us. It’s really minimalist in design so it doesn’t make the room feel too cramped or full. I love rattan so of course I had to weave it somewhere into the room.


I love decorating our space with wall art – there are just so many talented artists out there that I want to share and display in our home. These beautiful prints are from the talented Jan Skácelík who I’ve been following for a while on Instagram. I’ve framed them in the Hovsta frames. I also have two smaller pieces which I lean against the wall which I’ve framed with Mossebo frames.


To complete the room, I’ve added a few indoor plants in basket-style planters, some books, a cute set of cacti sculptures from IKEA which we had already and some handmade macrame plant hangers which we’ve hung from the window using S-shaped hooks. I also included some dried flowers in a vase and a treasured travel souvenir I picked up from Namibia which always inspires me to take adventures!

I hope this post gives inspiration to you for your own guest-bedroom (or even bedroom) decorating adventures. I love looking at the before and afters of a space and am amazed how you can really transform a room, even if you’re on a budget! All you need is a little creativity, which we all have in us!

Wearing: Will and Bear cap | Arnhem knit cardigan | Studio by Love Bonito dress | St Agni shoes | Connie and Luna Sundance earrings