I’m excited to share with you that the much anticipated SYMFONISK range, a collection of two wi-fi speakers created in collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, is now available in IKEA stores around Australia!

– In collaboration with IKEA Australia –

IKEA x Sonos created the SYMFONISK range to democratise music and sound at home, combining technology with home furnishing in a seamless way, allowing people to listen out loud together! The SYMFONISK range joins IKEA Home Smart, a collection of smart products that can be controlled via a remote or the IKEA Home Smart app. Using the SYMFONISK speaker, you can stream music, podcasts and radio via wifi. I’m super excited about smart products and the potential they have to make life more efficient and easier.

The range includes 2 different products that are really affordable without comprising on quality:

The first is the table lamp with wi-fi speaker. This multi-functional product is perfect for side tables, desks or sideboards where you want to place a speaker, but you don’t want the space to look too cluttered. It combines light and sound into a product that blends into the home, without comprising quality. I’m thinking this one would be perfect on a living room side table where you want to play some ambient music whilst journalling.. OR for when you want to pump it out loud when you have friends over on a Friday night!

The second product in the range is the wi-fi bookshelf speaker. This is the one that we have in our home. This handy little thing can be used in so many ways. For starters, the speaker actually doubles as a shelf that takes up to 3kg when mounted on the wall. You can also attach this to any kitchen rails, or simply let it camouflage away like a book in your bookshelf (genius), or stacked up on a side table!

Both SYMFONISK products are available in white and black and are now available across all IKEA Australia stores. Head down to your local IKEA Australia store to pick one up!