wearing: Zara zebra print shirt, thrifted cameo necklace, Supre lilac denim jeans, Peter Jensen lilac metal plate belt, vintage leather bag & Betts Eclipse mint green heels {Photos thanks to Marcus}

Recently, I was invited to the media preview for the new Zara store in Chadstone. It’s really exciting to see more of my favourite international brands becoming more accessible as they make their way around Australia. The layout of their new store was so spacious and clean, making navigating your way through the store a breeze. Amongst the glittering array of their newest collection, it was the printed white blouses which caught my eye. I have a thing for nature and when shirts start throwing images of birds, zebras and puppies at me, I really can’t help but want to take them home. I had a hard choice choosing between the bird print, zebra print and puppy print – they were all essentially the same shirt and in fact, I already have the the plain ivory silk version of it from when I was in London earlier this year! But another shirt just can’t hurt. I ended up buying this zebra print one, and it has been serving me well paired with my pinafores and overalls, under vintage jumpers or even on its own as shown here!

Also, I seem to go through this major denim phase every now and then, which is so unlike me but so me at the same time. Sometimes it’s just the practicality and sleekness that emanates from the skinny cut jeans. Just last week my friend looked at me in class, puzzled, and exclaimed, “You’re wearing jeans two weeks in a row?!” Well little did she know, the week before when she skipped class, I was wearing jeans as well! So yes, it’s safe to admit that I am in another denim phase and if you’re looking to add one soft shade of denim in your wardrobe this season, I’m voting lilac for you!

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