Wearing: Three Floor ‘Orient’ dress & handmade floral hair wreath. Nails: Gorman x Kit ‘Orange.com’. Photos by Tommy

Just a few snaps from my 21st birthday a couple of a weeks ago. The theme was ‘enchanted garden’ because I just couldn’t get away from my love for nature and all things magical. The venue was decorated with glittering waterfall fairy lights, ivy vines, toadstools, bunnies, birdcages, owls and butterflies. But what I really wanted to share in this post was my theme appropriate cake which I could not believe I found in the children’s section of Ferguson Plarre and this sparkly and heavily embellished dress from Three Floor. Two challenging and mind wrangling things when it comes to birthdays but both somehow so smoothly fell together.

I have never really held many birthday parties, the last party I recall being a small gathering at my house when I turned 14. So little did I know how hard it was to find a cake that was large enough and fitted my theme. After googling ‘enchanted garden’ birthday cakes, which sent through the most meticulously decorated pieces of cake art I had ever seen, I decided it was going to be completely impossible to find anyone to make a custom cake like that without blowing my budget. I gave it a try anyway and walked into Ferguson Plarre asking if they could do custom cakes. I showed them the cake and said ‘I couldn’t find anything like this on your website, can you make it?’ and the man behind the counter goes ‘well actually..’ He flipped to the CHILDREN’s section of the cake menu book and showed me the prettiest cake I’d ever seen decorated with marzipan toadstools, grass, flowers and a little fairy sitting on top! So the moral of the story is that if you are looking for an enchanted garden cake, I just saved you some time :-)

When it comes to what to wear on your birthday, I thankfully had this shiny metallic cut out dress from Three Floor to thank. It’s embellished with an array of colourful jewel stones and studs and was sitting quietly in my wardrobe, ready for a special occasion. The glittery threads in the fabric and light reflecting embellishments felt like they fit with the enchanted theme so well that it was simply an instant choice. I really only have positive words to speak of Three Floor’s dresses! Of course, I went with some handmade flowers for my hair. I’m not sure if my friends are happy to have their photos on the Internet but Tom’s okay with it and he says hi. Oh and we are both not sure why he has flowers in his hair!