Wearing: kisforkani.etsy.com flower headband, Three Floor ‘West End’ dress, Bardot white blazer, Louis Vuitton Alma BB bag in fuchsia, Shashi ‘Dillon’ ring, Sam Edelman heels.

There are so many things that I could write about today: how I projected the time it will take to grow my fringe out to full length hair, how I can’t stop obsessing over furniture for my new (bigger) studio/office, how I impulsively spent $200 at Zara today or how I managed to convince myself to go to the gym four times (personal record) over the past week even though my fellow gym buddy was sun-baking in Vietnam. But I know that a post starting with any/all of the above things won’t end so instead I’m going to say how much I adore cobalt blue this season and just leave it at that :-)